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About Pura

Pura was conceived with a simple notion - to provide compelling juvenile solutions to mothers around the world. We are proud to report that our bottles are the safest and most adaptable bottles on the global market, Safest bottle in the World. 

The only Non Toxic Certified Bottles on the Global Market.

Stainless Pura kiki bottles are unique in our and world markets. These are completely stainless bottles including thread that are 100% free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead. Even plastic bottles without BPA hide their risks, not stainless bottles. They are light and unbreakable compared to glass bottles. Compared to aluminum bottles, they do not contain any internal coatings. 

One Life...One Bottle


Choosing bottles for your family can be challenging. You want the safest products but you also want them to be easy to use, environmentally progressive and of course cost effective. With Pura you can finally have it all!


Premium stainless steel juvenile bottles and feeding solutions, adult water bottles, food storage vessels and associated accessories. Our proprietary products include the first and only 100% plastic-free bottle on the global market as well as the first modular bottle and collar designed to adapt to, and grow with, the child. Other innovations include the first leak resistant silicone nipple/spout cover, a line of silicone sleeves and a compelling lifestyle approach to brand building.